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Cultivating Critically Conscious Connections

Facilitating healing through critical and compassionate reflection, analysis, alignment & action.

Aligning Organizational Values with Action

Is your organization seeking to grow in cultural humility & equity? 

  • Has there been a recent growth in representation and diversity, but inclusion is a challenge? 

  • Are interpersonal and/or institutional forms of bias being highlighted? 

  • Are students/staff/faculty requesting organizational growth regarding diversity and inclusion?

  • Does the leadership recognize that diversity, equity and inclusion are a priority among competitors, but don't know how to take a first step to embrace this change? 

  • Has your organizational attempts at allyship been performative? 


We can help! 


Services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. This work is done collaboratively throughout the entire process and we guarantee measurable results. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how we can help your organization/program thrive.

Sharon Washington - Sharon Washington Co

As a participant in racial caucusing, I am learning so much!! The pre-recorded lectures and readings are extremely informative and thought provoking. The way Dr. Washington has laid out the curriculum is effective, digestible, and engaging. The discussions within each group are honest, open, and welcoming. So happy to be a part of this effort in our department. I am able to share my knowledge with my friends and family, spreading this important information to all!!

Research Administrator

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