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Ready to Cultivate Equity?

Are you tired of your organization's lack of progress toward equity? If you are dedicated to move beyond surface-level conversations about diversity and inclusion, and towards true equity and anti-oppression in the workplace, now is the time to collaborate. 

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Equity, Healing & Impact Consulting

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 "There has never been a time in our shared history in which we had such abundant access to diversity of thought, experience, identity, and culture.


With the immense challenges and responsibility we have inherited, we also have the tools and capacity to cultivate healing beyond the wildest imaginations of our bravest ancestors." 


Sharon G.E. Washington Ed.D., MPH



In today's dynamic racial climate, Sharon Washington Consulting exists to contribute to the elimination of structural inequities through individual growth and institutional transformation. Our unique embodied approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes SWC successful.

  Are students/staff/faculty requesting organizational growth regarding diversity and inclusion?

Have you seen a recent growth in representation and diversity, but inclusion is a challenge? 

Does your leadership recognize that diversity, equity and inclusion are a priority, but don't know how to take a first step to embrace this change?

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations identify growth opportunities and name pain points, amplify the voices of those most marginalized, and prepare leaders for leading sustainable and authentic change.

The individual sessions with Dr. Washington before facilitating were really helpful. Her didactics at the beginning of our meetings were powerful, and the space she created for conversation afterwards was transformative.

Family Medicine Physician

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