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Transforming Healthcare for a Diverse and Equitable Future

If you are dedicated to moving beyond surface-level conversations about diversity and inclusion, and towards true equity and anti-oppression in the workplace, now is the time to collaborate. 

Comprehensive Approach

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We offer a range of services to support your organization's growth and success. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs. Explore our services below to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

What our clients are saying...

The individual sessions with Dr. Washington before facilitating were really helpful. Her didactics at the beginning of our meetings were powerful, and the space she created for conversation afterwards was transformative.

Family Medicine Physician

DR. Sharon G.E. Washington

Our Approach
Equity, Healing & Impact Consulting

 "In our shared history, we've never had such abundant access to diverse thoughts, experiences, identities, and cultures. With these challenges and responsibilities, we possess the tools to achieve healing beyond our bravest ancestors' wildest imaginations."


Sharon G.E. Washington Ed.D., MPH


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The SWC approach is designed to empower healthcare professionals and leaders to make meaningful equity and inclusion efforts and drive positive change within their organizations.

The approach encompasses several key elements:

Advanced Learning and Reflection

The platform, Critically Conscious Connections, provides a space for healthcare professionals and leaders to engage in advanced-level learning and deep reflection. It equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to address DEIA issues effectively.

Interpersonal Dynamics

The approach extends beyond individual growth to address interpersonal relationships. Healthcare professionals and leaders are guided in developing strong communication skills, empathy, and cultural competence, enabling them to engage with colleagues, patients, and communities more effectively.

Consultation and Coaching

The consulting element of the approach provides tailored support and guidance to organizations and individuals seeking to implement DEIA initiatives. This coaching ensures that organizations have the tools, strategies, and resources needed to create inclusive environments and drive meaningful change.

A unique aspect of this approach is its emphasis on individuals' internal growth. It recognizes that true equity and inclusion efforts require personal development and somatic awareness. Participants are encouraged to explore and heal from trauma related to inequity and marginalization, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and the issues at hand.

Institutional and Structural Change

Beyond the individual and interpersonal levels, the approach also delves into institutional and structural inequities. Sharon Washington's consulting services provide guidance on identifying and addressing systemic issues within healthcare organizations. This involves assessing existing policies, procedures, and practices to ensure they align with DEIA goals.

Comprehensive Approach

SWC focuses on developing knowledge and skills, fostering somatic awareness and healing, addressing interpersonal dynamics, and tackling institutional and structural inequities. By taking this comprehensive approach, healthcare professionals and leaders can advance their understanding and commitment to equity and inclusion, ultimately creating a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment.

Clients include:

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