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Sharon Washington - Sharon Washington Co

Sharon G.E. Washington, Ed.D., MPH


Dr. Washington is renowned for engaging diverse audiences on the complex intersections of race, historical trauma, social inequality and justice, and the impact of these factors on health and societal outcomes.


An award winning educator, Sharon creates and instructs courses and trainings reflecting the deliberate use of educational settings as safe spaces for healing from the social and cultural trauma of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression that limit the capacity of the human spirit, so that learners may use that power to heal the world. 


Sharon is a Gates Millennium Scholar, class of 2003, and former President of the Gates Millennium Scholars Alumni Association, a network of over 20,000 diverse millennial scholars and professionals. She received her Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies from Temple University and her Master of Public Health from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Sharon earned her Doctorate of Education at Teachers College of Columbia University, where her research explored medical students self-rating of preparedness to engage in effective cross-cultural care. 

Press and Engagements

SWC Partners

Amani Gilliam
Project Coordinator
Amani is a passionate student of psychology, currently enrolled in a joint bachelors and masters program. She provides extraordinary client engagement experience, course curation and design, and compassionate facilitation to the Sharon Washington Consulting team and experience. 

Charmaine Scarlett


A dynamic health educator and healthcare leader, Charmaine is  bringing her expertise to shape learner’s experience within Critically Conscious Connections. Additionally, she creates courses in maternal and child health and health


Chidera Agu Headshot.jpeg

Chidera Agu, MPH, MSW


Over the last decade, Chidera managed several federally funded multi-site behavioral research projects focused on health disparities before moving into clinical research operations in the biopharmaceutical industry. She has gained extensive experience with developing and testing research instruments, analyzing complex behavioral data, and creating well-received scientific abstracts, presentations, and manuscripts.

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Jasmine Graves, MPH
JD Graves Consulting, LLC

For over ten years, Jasmine has designed programs,  facilitated organizational transformation, curated  events, and published articles to address structural  racism, specifically mass criminalization and  incarceration. During her tenure at the New York City Mayor’s Office, she leveraged her oversight of an $80 million behavioral health and correctional health portfolio to shift city policies and practices at the intersection of mental illness, substance use, and homelessness from criminalization to humanization.

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John Mackey

Sequoia Consultancy, LLC

Mr. Mackey has over thirty years of consulting experience covering solutions delivery, strategic consulting, corporate-wide training, coaching, and facilitation. He is a subject matter expert in global leadership, talent development, diversity

and inclusion and its impact on engagement and culture.

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