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Our Story

 Our mission is to cultivate individual and organizational growth, healing, and transformation. We are driven by our vision to eliminate inequities within healthcare organizations and the communities they serve.

Values are at the core of our work
We hold the following Principles dear:

Our Team

Sharon Washington - Sharon Washington Consulting  Morgan Rogers Burns Photography - Philad

Peace, Friends!

Dr. Washington is renowned for engaging diverse audiences on the complex intersections of race, historical trauma, social inequality and justice, and the impact of these factors on health and societal outcomes. 


Sharon G.E. Washington, Ed.D., MPH


An award winning educator, Sharon creates and instructs courses and trainings reflecting the deliberate use of educational settings as safe spaces for healing from the social and cultural trauma of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression that limit the capacity of the human spirit, so that learners may use that power to heal the world. 

Dr. Washington earned her doctorate in health education from Teachers College, Columbia University; her masters of public health from the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University; and her bachelor of arts in African American Studies from Temple University. 

At SWC, our team and staff embody a powerful combination of dedication, expertise, and compassion. We are committed to making a sustainable impact by fostering equity, healing, and transformation in our work.

Unlock Transformation: Let's Connect!

Are you ready to elevate your institution's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Book a personalized consultation with Sharon Washington Consulting. Our team is here to understand your unique needs, discuss tailored solutions, and guide you towards fostering a culture of equity in healthcare. Schedule your call today and take the first step towards transformative change.

Press and Engagements


Discover the prescription for progress of DEI in healthcare led by Dr. Sharon Washington, This channel is a vital resource. Dive into our featured video and journey deeper into DEI discussions on our YouTube page. Explore thought-provoking discussions, expert interviews, and practical solutions for creating a more inclusive and equitable healthcare industry. Gain insights on tackling racial disparities, fostering diversity, and igniting change. At "Equity Rx," we believe in the power of holistic education to create a compassionate and diverse healthcare landscape.

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