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Online Learning Platform 

Empowering Equity-Oriented Learners and Leaders

Nurturing Healing, Transformation, and Liberation in todays racial climate

Critically Conscious Connections w/Dr. Washington is an interconnected community of equity-oriented learners and leaders. Through this platform, we aim to create a healing environment where individuals can process and metabolize the intergenerational trauma of systems of oppression. It serves as an exchange hub for resources, strategies, and tools to interrupt and dismantle bias and oppression on interpersonal and institutional levels.


Let Us Guide Your Equity Journey

This online learning platform is an engaging, supportive learning community. we take pride in our achievements , which include: 


Acknowledging and Healing Bias-Based Harms: We support the creation of institutional spaces that acknowledge and address bias-based harms, allowing for healing and growth.


Anticipating and Meeting Diverse Workforce Needs: We guide organizations in identifying, anticipating, and meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce, creating an environment that supports all individuals.


Increased Confidence and Understanding: Our clients have reported increased confidence and understanding when it comes to discussing complex topics surrounding equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Aligning Organizational Values: We help organizations align their internal and external practices with their core values, ensuring a cohesive and inclusive approach.


Promoting Inclusion, Belonging, and Morale: We assist in promoting an inclusive culture that fosters a sense of belonging and high morale across diverse workforce


Promoting Organizational Resilience: We work with organizations to build resilience in the face of challenges, equipping them with the skills and strategies needed to navigate complex environments.

At SWC, we are committed to moving beyond mere diversity and inclusion efforts. We believe in promoting equity, anti-oppression, and anti-racism, disrupting the status quo, and creating an inclusive culture that encourages open dialogue.


Join us on this transformative journey toward equity, healing, and impact. Together, we can create positive change in healthcare organizations and the communities they serve.

Critically Conscious Connections is an online learning platform that provides learners engaging and supportive content for exploring self, institutional and societal reflection.

Learning tools include:

Convenient web and mobile formats  

Online assessments to gauge progress

Lifetime Access to Racial Literacy Library for current tools & resources

Webinars with Dr. Washington and guest lectures to deep dive into concepts

The content reflects over two decades of critical racial discourse and DEIA leadership; a diverse team of educators and experts; and interactive learning opportunities and forums. 

 Join the Critically Conscious Connections community today for free and dive into variety of resources ​available to increase your racial literacy. 

 Learn about yourself and the world around you in a safe, supportive environment.

 Designed for individuals and teams, the course offerings and resources challenge learners to explore, process, heal, and share. 

Some of the popular courses include:

Critically Conscious Connections provides comprehensive course bundles with complex and nuanced approaches, while microlearnings introduce concepts in brief and dynamic units. 


Free Resource Library

Content from thought leaders across the web hand curated by SWC to help learners stay up to date with DEIA

resource Library
institutional Learning

Online learning for institutions

Developed to fill institutional and curricular gaps that stifle equity efforts. Whether as foundational content for hiring and onboarding; values and vision setting among leaders; or ongoing dialogue and development among teams, this multimedia approach can meet diverse institutional needs


Customized courses and bundles for longitudinal curriculum and training protocol

With bulk licensing, leaders can manage group seats within course offerings to track enrollment and completion

Organizational assessment is available and can be utilized to create and customize trainings, coaching & learning materials

Can be enhance curriculum for professional development, graduate, undergraduate learners

Tools for Institutional Integration . . 

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